Paperwork, as the saying doesn’t quite go, makes the world go around.

Without it, chaos would ensue. Nowhere more so than in the legal world.

Contracts would be entirely verbal, with no proof or certainty as to the terms. Records wouldn’t be kept with regards to court decisions or prison inmates. Precedents wouldn’t be followed. The consequences would be enormous.

But paperwork, makes the world go around slowly.

In all aspects of the law, processes are slowed, waiting for people to sign documents. It could be a house buyer trying to find time in a busy schedule to attend a solicitor’s office to sign a contract. It could be a trust to be signed by parties at opposite ends of the country. It could even be a defendant in a personal injury case abroad.

Waiting for paperwork to be signed makes progress on all of these cases come to a halt.

But there is a solution.

DPS have developed a way for the entire process of document delivery and signing to be completed online.

A fee earner could electronically attach their signature to a letter to be sent securely to the client via mylegalspace (client portal). The client receives the letter immediately and the solicitor sees when the client has read this.

The client would then be guided through any documents and can then sign with a tap on their phone or using their fingerprint and both parties would instantly receive a signed copy of the document.

The time taken to complete cases would be greatly reduced and leave you with satisfied clients, whatever areas of law you practice.

And now, you have the chance to see how all of this works in person in our free one-hour webinar.

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