Discover how your firm can succeed through lockdown

So the second lockdown is here.

We all knew it would come eventually, but how prepared is your firm?

Join our webinar and see how easy it is for you to continue working.

There'll be no displaying Chapter 61 of Magna Carta in your office window, or any other silly advice you might find on Twitter.

Instead, all you'll need to do is log in to your computer or laptop at home and open DPS Spitfire in your web browser.

It's as simple as that.

Working from home with Spitfire, you can:

  • Access all of your files, email and reports.
  • Manage yours and your team's workloads.
  • Even send documents and forms to clients for them to complete and sign electronically.

Your firm can continue running just as productively, but with everyone working from home.

Access Files Anywhere

Wherever you are and whatever device you're using, you can still access your files. No need for paper and no chance that anybody you don't want can access the file.

You'll be able to manage cases more flexibly and with greater security.

File History Screenshot
KPI Screenshot

Report on Performance

You can see real-time KPI reports on your team's performance, so you can see who is working well from home and who might need extra support.

You'll have a full picture of how working from home has affected your firm's productivity.

Manage Workloads

With your staff working from home, it can be difficult to see what they're working on and manage their workloads.

With Spitfire you have a full view of what's on their to do list and what work has already been done so you're always in the loop.

Work Done Screenshot

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