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Legal technology solutions for legal businesses in Nottinghamshire

Cloud-based legal technology solutions

The need for solicitors to move in pace with the law firms that they are part of is increasingly important. At the same time, Nottinghamshire legal practices also have to respond to the change in work practices such as the need to work from home, abroad or on the go.

The law business that wants to attract the best staff needs to accommodate these requests and make remote and flexible working available to their staff.

Working in the cloud means giving your fee earners the tools they need to be productive even outside of the office. DPSCloud, our managed IT solution provides you with:

– powerful, flexible practice management software

– hardware support

– business continuity and disaster recovery solutions

– Microsoft Office licences

Law firms like yours…

…have chosen DPSCloud, in an effort to relieve themselves from the burden of managing IT while making remote working a viable option for their fee earners.

Bhatia Best Solicitors, a law firm with an office in Nottingham and close to 200 staff (dispersed across their other offices in Mansfield and Derby), have been using our criminal case management software for over 20 years. Having identified that their on-premise server infrastructure is reaching the end of its life, they have looked at the options available, including the cloud. After comparing the costs of buying and maintaining new servers to the cost of DPSCloud, they have opted for the latter.

“DPS highlighted the positives associated with their solution including operational benefits, such as remote working, and of course the cost-savings provided by the delegation of responsibility for maintaining an in-house server infrastructure.”  explained Ash Bhatia, Managing Director at Bhatia Best.

“Over the years of working with DPS and their software products we, as a firm, had come to know them as a reliable and proactive supplier” continues Bhatia. “The fact they could provide a solution like DPSCloud which offers a comprehensive approach to our IT needs moves this relationship to a new strategic level.” Read their entire case study.

Hosted IT solutions for law firms

A complete practice management solution available in the cloud

Besides case management software, our practice management solution provided as part of DPSCloud includes:

integrated legal accounting software

digital dictation

secure client portal solutions for electronic document exchange

The flexibility of this system means that you have freedom of choice and are thus able to select only the products you need. Its availability over the cloud means that users can:

– work on their files, record time and see the file history remotely

– save attendance notes against the right files wherever they are, whether at court, at home or in the office

– generate emails from their tasks

– manage their own and their team’s efficiency by viewing stats by fee earner and department

All this can be done from any handheld device, laptop or standards PC.

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