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DPS case management software now integrating with Aderant Expert

DPS Software-AderantDPS Outlook Office, our case management software is now available for integration with the Aderant Expert practice management solution, offering firms a seamless legal software solution.

This bi-lateral integration facilitates the automatic data entry in both our and Aderant’s system, ensuring that these are kept updated without any human intervention.

The integration also allows our system to search the Aderant database for clients and matters using various fields that are designated for searching.  All DPS searches now look at the Aderant data and automatically manage their case details in DPS, streamlining work processes and simplifying the work of both fee earners and accounting staff.

Our Outlook Office case management software is also integrated to the iManage document management system thus ‘completing the circle’, and offering its clients a complete and robust software solution tailored to their unique needs.

DPS- legal software- managed IT for law firmsOsman Ismail, DPS’s Managing Director added: ‘’We are pleased to acknowledge the completion of the integration work between our case management software and Aderant’s practice management solution.  The benefit for the user is that all the clients and matters are stored in one place and data is not duplicated across the systems.
This makes the management of cases and financial information far simpler and builds a more uniform data structure across the firm and its geographically dispersed offices.’’

Leading law firms across the country are using Aderant for their practice management requirements and DPS Outlook Office  for their case management needs. The connected systems provide the staff with the tools they need to manage financial, client and matter-related information, while enhancing the visibility into the firm’s productivity and profitability.

The DPS- Aderant integration can be replicated at other practices that want to ensure that their systems communicate with each other, keeping their client and matter information accurate, safe and easy to update.

About DPS Software

DPS are the first and only legal software provider to offer an integrated hosted IT solution as part of the same platform. With a 30 year pedigree, DPS have built a strong and growing market position thanks to their award-winning case management solution covering the main areas of law such as Conveyancing, Crime, Personal Injury, Family etc. Their fully Outlook-integrated case management system is complemented by legal accounting, digital dictation, matter management software and their recently launched mobile application for time recording.

DPS are committed to becoming a realistic ‘one stop shop’ for the technology needs of the modern legal business, their managed IT solution (dpscloud) being in use at over 140 law firms and ABSs across the country.

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About Aderant

Aderant is a global provider of business management software for legal and other professional services firms. Aderant supports nearly 3,200 clients in more than 30 countries  and boasts a 35-year history as an industry leader. Their complete suite of solutions include: business development, calendar/docket matter management with built-in court rules, practice and financial management, time and billing, document management and business intelligence.

More information about Aderant is available here:


Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 8th Oct 2015

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