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DPS Software add GB Group’s address lookup module to their case management system

 GB Group’s postcode address lookups have now been embedded into DPS One Office and Outlook Office software. The system matches addresses by postcode and populates company name and address fields automatically once an option is selected. This simplifies the process of adding or amending a contact in DPS as the user no longer has to type in address details within the system.

Users that choose to have the new feature enabled will see a ‘’Search address’’ button next to the ‘’Postcode’’ field that allows them to perform the enquiry and populate the other fields automatically.

Here are a few screenshots of the system in action:

1.  All you need to do is type in the Postcode in the corresponding box and click ‘’Search Address’’.

Case management software-lookup address integration

2. Once the correct address is identified and selected, the information will be entered into the right fields automatically, enabling users to type less, save time and speed up the completion of tasks. 

case management software- integration

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Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 12th Oct 2013

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