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Our latest article for LSN: Client experience should drive all firms’ efforts

The latest issue of Legal Support Network’s Briefing presented the benefits of business process management and how it can help today’s law firms become tomorrow’s success stories. Our Managing Director, Osman Ismail contributed an article on this subject, revealing the secret of functional BPM systems: client focus. He explains the ways in which client portal solutions like mylegalspace can enable law firms to give due attention to customer services, putting them at the heart of everything they do and respond to their clients’ increasing demand for instant, pro-active communications.

Osman said: ‘’For many years, while the concept of business process management (BPM) was applied to back office functions, front office departments and staff who ultimately deliver this service to an organisation’s clients were left almost to their own devices.

Thankfully, and probably linked to BPM’s emphasis on continuous improvement, this ‘back office bias’ has begun to change in most large professional services organisations, and the modern law firm should be no different. Management of client relationships is a vital business process – customer experience should now be considered equally alongside the nuts and bolts of how work is processed.’’

Read the rest of the article here.


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