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Client portal solution give clients immediate information on their files

mylegalspace-client portal solution-DPSWe expect to have access to our bank accounts and supermarket shopping accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and clients now need and expect the same access to information on their cases.

DPS Software have had online case tracking allowing solicitors to publish complete case file histories directly online to facilitate authorised clients access over the web for some time. The published information can be as simple or detailed as the publishing firm requires.

This web based tracking system has now been enhanced and it’s new look is accompanied by new functionality. One key function upgrade is that mylegalspace will now pro-actively email clients itself when key stages are reached during any transaction.

Andee Tyler Senior Developer at Stanley Tee Solicitors says “we are excited at the new look of the programme and the added functionality of email alerts.” She then went on to explain; “clients will now receive an email alert when their case is updated so they are pro-actively and conveniently kept informed.”

This internet based product enables all parties involved in a matter, such as clients, work providers, estate agents, brokers or solicitors to look up and track all matter details, including actions taken and the progress being made on all case management files over the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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All parties can log on to mylegalspace, our client portal solution and view a report of each matter. How much each party can view of the progressed details made on a matter and then subsequently published to the Internet is strictly controlled by the solicitor through a secure internet link.

DPS automatically compiles and posts the information to a website with no extra work for the solicitor. Time is saved as clients are pro-actively informed of the position and can check online for updates rather than having to contact the solicitor.

mylegalspace is fast becoming an indispensable time saving tool which simultaneously improves solicitors’ workflow procedures and client relationships. Clients no longer need to ask “where are we now?” as all parties including the client, solicitors and case workers benefit from the time saving advantages of using DPS.

Scott Ridley, Technical Director, DPS says, “Solicitors are delighted with the time mylegalspace frees up for them.“ Scott also went on to say, “their clients love the fact they can check the progress of their case on their way home from the office or on a train at any time of day, even the weekend.”

Our client portal solution works in real-time and is integrated with all DPS Case Management applications. When a date has been agreed or a letter sent the information is immediately available to see. Once the latest information has been updated in your case management system, it is automatically updated and published in mylegalspace and is available over the Internet. The information is an exact reflection of the work undertaken within your office on your system.  mylegalspace monitors and updates changes made to key dates or information on all matters via XML update files.


Estate Agents and other work providers are updated on all the work undertaken and the actions and progress being made on all matters by publishing the information to the internet even if more than one fee earner is acting on a case.

A solicitor would simply direct all parties interested in tracking the progress of a matter to the mylegalspace portal and they would be able to view a complete progress report. Access to information would still be controlled by the solicitor even though the information is not presented from their own website. In addition, our client portal solution is customised to reflect your own corporate identity and the portal itself will be a presentation of your own corporate image.

mylegalspace has been designed and can be tailored to suit the diverse range of needs of legal firms of all sizes whether practising conveyancing or criminal CDS billing. All the information, although available over the Internet is highly secure. Only authorised users with the appropriate passwords can access information, and all information is encrypted for increased security over the Internet.

If you would like further information on mylegalspace, please arrange a FREE, no-obligation demonstration.

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 30th Jul 2010

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