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Notification: UTRNs on failed SDLT Submissions

HMRC-LogoOn 4th July 2011 HMRC made some updates to their online SDLT submission system. Since these updates were applied an issue related to the system retaining UTRN numbers on failed submissions has become apparent.

Users of our conveyancing software should be aware that if they supply their own UTRN when making a submission online and the submission fails, the UTRN is still logged on the HMRC system and cannot be used again for the resubmission. However UTRNs used for failed submissions will not reach the Stamp Taxes Office, who will say the UTRN is not in the system.

HMRC have acknowledged the issue and it has been escalated internally so a solution can be found. Until this point HMRC currently recommends that clients who have this problem should then fix errors in the submission and resubmit using a new UTRN.

Clients who are concerned about apparently having 2 (or more) UTRNs in the system for the same submission should call the Stamp Taxes Office on 0845 6030135 who will be able to confirm any failed UTRNs have not been filed.

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 13th Jul 2011

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