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The LAA announces further changes for Criminal and Civil Billing

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At the start of November we released a notice on the LAA changes to Criminal and Civil Billing. These changes will be introduced in an attempt to profile cases with greater accuracy. As a result, the billing process has become increasingly complex with more rules introduced and further rules to be introduced.


The LAA have announced a three phased process of Delivery Transformation for Criminal and Civil Billing, including optional electronic submission. Click here for more information. Starting in April 2010, electronic file opening will be rolled out. Electronic submission for certificated Civil Billing work will follow in November 2010 and will run in conjunction with the current SMS system that handles CMRF forms.

Over the past 6 months, DPS have been working on the billing system to bring it in line with these changes. The system is now at the stage where the CMRF and CMSR forms and the files for electronic submission can be automatically generated from a Fee Earner time sheet.

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All class information and billing limits are maintained and the system notifies Fee Earners of their stage in the billing process whilst they are working on a case. The system currently handles all level 1 and 2 work and level 3 and 4 certified work is anticipated to be completed in Q1 2010.

The DPS Criminal Billing system is one of the most comprehensive products on the market. We aim to develop the Civil Billing system to an equally all-embracing standard in areas such as care, mental health, family, welfare, immigration and housing.

The system is being developed within the Outlook Office framework meaning that users can make full use of the new update of our case management software. DPS One Office is equipped with task management capability that generates chaser letters and tasks that can be automatically activated by the Fee Earner or run automatically on the system.

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