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Protect your law firm from disasters with managed IT

DPSCloud- managed IT for law firmsOver the past 2 weeks we have seen extreme weather conditions destroy homes and businesses in the North West. November’s flooding has been the fourth large-scale flooding emergency in 11 years. A foot of rain fell in 24 hours across Cumbria and more than 1,300 homes have been flooded in the kind of disaster that happens once every 1,000 years.

Insurers say it could take more than a year to get people back into their homes. An estimated figure of between 500 and 1000 claims both domestic and business will be filed in the coming months, costing between £500 and £100 million.

Experts are warning that weather conditions that have been experienced in Cumbria for the past 2 years and Gloucestershire 3 years ago, could become more frequent.

Many of the businesses affected in this disaster will never recover, reinforcing the need for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

‘Disaster’ covers a large number of situations including fire, flooding, earthquake and other natural or created events. Other situations which could put businesses at risk include backup failure, server failure, theft, virus attack and sabotage.

Protection of IT systems, which are often the backbone of many businesses, is essential to ensuring business continuity and profit protection.

One form of protection is to completely host IT systems, meaning that a remote secure server-based network is used, away from a business’ office.

Managed IT systems offsite is becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective way of pulling all costs into a single monthly payment. Server and server software upgrades become a thing of the past and the 3 to 5 year bulk expenditure on changing hardware is no longer necessary.


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