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Next Week’s Civil Contract Changes

Practice management solutions-DPSWith the Community Legal Service’s new Standard Civil Contract taking effect on Monday 15th November clients should note that their DPS system has now got to be profiled (in the setup) according to the type of contract that the firm is working with. The firm will now have to choose in their setup whether they are working under the old unified contract (‘Family Only’ and ‘Family and Housing’ publicly funded legal work) or the new 2010 Standard Civil Contract (all non-family publicly funded legal work).

Please note that this configuration has to be chosen per branch as a practice may have one type of contract for one branch and another type of contract for another branch, or possibly a combination of both.

NMS (New Matter Starts) Reporting

On and after 15th November 2010 all cases that are started have to have the AP (access point) and PA (procurement area) codes against them.

New Matter Starts (NMS) submissions made for the end of November (submitted between December 1st -20th) should:
1) ONLY Include matter starts up to and including the 14th of November 2010.
2) NO MATTERS STARTED 15th November onwards will be included on the NMS until the Jan 2011 submission.

CMRF Submission

1) Will include all matters concluded in November that were started prior to 15th November 2010.
2) ANY MATTERS STARTED after the 15th of November 2010 and concluded before the 1st January 2011 will be included on the CMRF January 2011.

 Tolerance Work

After the 15th November you will only be able to do tolerance work if you hold a 2010 Standard Civil Contract and it was indicated that you wanted to undertake it. This will be based on matter start date.

From 15th November AAP, Public Law and Education work will be tolerance-barred areas.

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