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DPS Software release Oyez integration to further expand forms offering

DPS Software-OyezForms integrationWe are pleased to announce our collaboration with Oyez Professional Services whose forms are now integrated into our case management software. The compatibility between the two software solutions means that any OyezForms user can access their forms straight from Outlook Office. These forms are then automatically populated with the corresponding information stored within our system.

For existing DPS users, the integration allows them access to a virtually unlimited forms library, continually updated and enriched with new functionalities such as automatic calculations and expandable fields, for any area of law, no matter how niche and uncommon. The OyezForms are an addition to the existing ones already provided within DPS workflows.

The cost of completing forms may seem a minor one, however it is an expense with a real impact on efficiency and productivity, especially for legal businesses embracing new pricing models such as fixed fees. The 2000 + forms provided by Oyez come with free support, schedulable updates and auxiliary databases.

‘’The purpose of this collaboration is the faster completion of forms– a time-consuming task that solicitors must undertake on a daily basis. Therefore, the mere automation and simplification of this task could save a law firm a considerable amount of time and both us and Oyez strive to make this an attainable goal for our clients. The integration was the natural result of understanding that we have a common objective.’’ explains Scott Ridley, the Technical Director of DPS Software.

Once completed, the OyezForms available within DPS can also be exported as PDF documents should the user need them outside the system.


DPS clients are advised to purchase their forms straight from Oyez and then contact their Account Manager for further instructions.

About Oyez Professional services

Oyez Professional ServicesFor more than 120 years, Oyez Professional Services have supplied specialist forms to legal and professional organisations and today they are the UK’s most respected publisher of legal forms and documents. Their OyezForms software is an advanced form-filling solution with automatic library management. Word formats, integrated PDF and auto-calculation used by more than 3,000 legal and professional firms across the UK.

For more information about the company or to order your OyezForms to use within your DPS system, please go to and


Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 14th Nov 2014

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