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DPS Software are prepared for the future of Civil Legal Aid Billing

legal aid agency-logoWith the LAA’s Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP), and subsequent introduction of their Client Cost Management System (CCMS), now just around the corner, the management and billing of civil certificated work is set for major changes. Although these changes and new systems are primarily designed to increase efficiency at the LAA and reduce their administrative costs, for practitioners at the sharp end of the legal work it presents a new platform and way of working to adapt to.

Of course a major part of this adaptation for law firms is ensuring that IT systems are optimised for working effectively with the new LAA platform and therefore increase profitability in an area of work where margins are being continually squeezed.

DPS, as a supporter of firms carrying out publicly funded work, have committed significant development resources to keeping pace with the LAA changes and ensuring their case management and billing software integrates seamlessly with the new CCMS. Through DPS case management software and the new civil billing module you can:

–   Key required information once into the case management system and then upload to LAA online service.

–   Auto-complete Claim 1 and Claim 1A forms.

–   Upload information and bill to the LAA from your DPS case management system.

–   Monitor case costs in real-time and accurately anticipate certificate thresholds and limits. Never do work you may potentially not get paid for.

–   Post payments from the LAA direct to the DPS financial accounting package.

–   Download Certificates from CCMS when they are granted with limits set automatically

–   Use our PDF bundling tool to create paginated and indexed PDF bundles of case documents ready for electronic transmission and sharing.

–  Intelligent POA claims calculated and produced to increase cash-flow.

–  Ensure that disbursements paid on a case are claimed on a case.

Now is the time to make sure your firm is equipped to deal with this future way of working. Contact DPS today and find out more about how our systems could improve your working processes and help you adapt successfully.

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 15th Oct 2012

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