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Three DPS clients moved to the cloud in one week

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BEPS Solicitors, Stokoe Partnership and Russell & Co moved to DPSCloud within the space of   one week

You might think that moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud is a time-consuming, difficult exercise. However, these three DPS clients can testify that the opposite is true. Thanks to our experienced engineers, their transition to DPSCloud has been quick and straightforward.

In just a few days, all their data has been moved on to our servers and all their files have been made available over the cloud.

Who are they?

BEPS (Brady Eastwood Pierce and Stewart) Solicitors are a criminal law firm based in South London.

They have been using our software solutions (case management for Crime, integrated legal accounting software and digital dictation) for years before deciding to entrust us with the management of all their IT.

With offices in London and Manchester, Stokoe Partnership Solicitors are experts in the field of Financial Crime. Because their cases concern very serious crimes and are thus highly complex in nature, they wanted to relieve themselves from the task of managing their technology in-house. They moved to DPSCloud in order to be able to focus on their legal work, free of IT-related distractions.

They too are users of our crime case management and legal accounting software.

Poised to not only meet, but exceed their clients’ expectations, Russell & Co Solicitors have realised that in order for this goal to be achieved they needed market-leading technology solutions in place. DPSCloud offered them just that- a complete legal IT solution trusted by law firms, large and small, across the country.

By being able to access their files over the cloud, Russell & Co staff can now work remotely, even during out of office hours, thus becoming more responsive and offering an enhanced experience to their clients.

What we do for our hosted clients

  • We maintain (and replace) their hardware
  • We provide them with all the specialist software applications they need (practice management software, digital dictation etc.)
  • We host their data in our own Enfield-based data centre
  • We protect their data from cyber-attacks
  • We make their files accessible over the Internet
  • We back up their data in house and on the servers of UK-based cloud specialists, the Bunker
  • We provide them with disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • We provide and renew their Microsoft Office licences

Is managed IT the right solution for you?

There are a few factors to be taken into consideration before deciding to opt for this solution. The state and age of your servers is one of them.

If your servers are brand new, then discontinuing their use makes no business sense. So the cloud is not the right choice for your firm at this time.

However, if your servers have been bought more than 3 years ago and their efficiency is approaching its lowest point, then DPSCloud is a sensible choice. Instead of buying new servers only to replace them again after three years, you can move your data to our secure, ISO-accredited, UK-based data centre and let us manage this side of things for you.

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Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 27th Feb 2015

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