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Practice management solutions-DPSThe management of a successful law firm is a tough task at the best of times but without the right information available to you, knowing exactly what is going on in a busy company can become an impossible task. It is for this reason that DPS Software has developed a reports package that, when integrated with your DPS case management system, can ensure you will never be without the data you need to make the important decisions regarding your business.

Making sure you have this information at your fingertips when you need it has been made even easier by the DPS report scheduler. This software ensures the reports you need are in your email inbox when you need them.

Good management information is critical to running a business”, commented DPS Managing Director Osman Ismail. “The DPS report scheduler ensures you get the full story and enables you to act decisively to achieve improvements in service and profitability and then track these improvements in the future.”

DPS provide the reports package to clients with several standard reports already built in which are designed to give you an overview of company activity. With all the reports generated they can be delivered to a manager for a complete overview and also delivered to individual fee earners containing only files owned by them. These reports include, amongst others:

Monthly Departmental Overview:

This report is an important management tool which provides an overview of all work done in a specified month broken down by department (eg. Matrimonial, Convey, Crime etc.). On this report you are able to see the number of matters opened and closed by each department in the month and the difference between these figures which is a good indicator of increasing or decreasing case load. The report also displays the units and exact amount of time recorded by each department, as well as the costs billed and funds received by each department. All figures are totalled at the bottom of the report to give an overview of the company as a whole.

Monthly_Overview_Report_DPS_Case management software

Monthly Overview by Fee Earner:
This is a similar format to the Monthly Departmental Overview outlined above but drills down further by sorting the data by individual fee earners. This is a simple way for managers to review individual performance and changing workload. 

Time Recording Target Report:
This report shows both monthly and year to date figures for every fee earner’s time recording. Displayed are targets for time units recorded, time units billed, total costs billed and total costs received. Alongside these are displayed the actual figures for each of these fields and a percentage of target achieved. This is an excellent tool for managers to assess performance against these KPIs.

Limitation Date Reports:
This report is useful for any law firm working on Personal Injury cases. The report provides a summary of open cases where an accident has occurred within a certain date range and these cases’ respective limitation dates. Files where proceedings have been issued will not appear allowing you to identify cases requiring action and prioritise these.  

Task by Fee Earner Report:
This report provides an overview of all outstanding tasks up to a certain date and breaks them down by fee earner.
This is an extremely useful indicator of each fee earner’s future workload and the firm’s capacity for extra work.

Recovery Rate Report:
By using this report managers are able to see each individual fee earner’s recovery rate. The recovery rate is the percentage of recorded time that is actually recovered by the fee earner. The report gives a breakdown of all time recorded, recovered and written off and provides important information for auditing purposes.

Recovery_Rate_Report_DPS_Case management software


Turnaround Report:
This is an indispensable report for legal firms specialising in areas of law subject to time constraints where the turnaround time of case files needs to be kept as low as possible
, a good example being Conveyancing. The report can be used to see all matters opened between two dates, milestone dates relevant to the cases and the completion dates. From this information individual and average turnaround times are displayed by the report.

Files Not Worked On Report:
This is a report that shows all files that have not had any work done on them for a specified period of time.
This is set to 90 days by default but can be changed according to a client’s requirements. This report enables managers to identify and chase ‘problem’ files and ensure that no file is lost in the system. This is hugely beneficial from both a customer service and a revenue-generating perspective. 

As well as this wide range of standard reports supplied to clients DPS are able to tailor each of the reports to client requirements or even build new bespoke reports to a client’s exact specifications. If there is information that you need presented clearly and regularly then the reports scheduler can supply it.

Claire Barker, partner at Equilaw Ltd, a Gloucestershire firm with a national presence specialising in the equity release sector, commented: “The scheduler is a convenient way of receiving the reports I need on a regular basis. The beauty of the system is that I get them in my email inbox and don’t have to rely on anyone to run them for me. The format of the reports is easy to understand and when I’ve needed it the support from DPS staff has been very good.”

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