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DPS Software launches Voicepath Integration

digital dictation software for solicitorsDPS Software have now launched an integration module allowing DPS case and practice management users to automatically pass work to Voicepath for outsourced transcription services. DPS produce the Team Talk dictation software that is delivered as part of Outlook. This enables fee earners to dictate against emails, letters or other incoming or outgoing documents corresponding to a case.

This new module from DPS means Voicepath typists can now transcribe and save dictations produced in Team Talk right against the corresponding file(s).

The typists are given access to dpscloud– the hosted IT solution from DPS – so they can assign dictations to the right matter in DPS Outlook Office (the company’s case management software) in a completely secure virtual environment. The dictation itself, once created in Team Talk, is encrypted so that no one else besides the intended recipient can listen to it.


This integration further reduces the amount of admin work involved by a dictation for the law firm outsourcing Voicepath’s solution, and brings another dimension to DPS’s technology solutions designed to automate processes and integrate technology into the daily activities of its users.

Glazer Delmar, one of the largest law firms in South London, trialled this unified technology system. The client’s Senior Partner, Michael Glazer, said, “When we took on the dpscloud solution we already used Voicepath and wanted our new case management system- DPS- to fully integrate to them. It worked on day one and continues to work well!”

Scott Ridley, the Technical Director of DPS said: ‘’Our client wanted to integrate and we obliged, this is one of the huge advantages in controlling the hosting and the software- we can change it to suit a client’s needs and make the hosting fit in. Scott addedThe module is now available to other clients who want to use Voicepath for outsourcing which is clearly a route being explored by many practices.’’

DPS TeamTalk digital dictation software

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 21st Aug 2015

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