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Matrimonial Update – Stage 1 Available

The first stage of the latest update to the DPS Family case management software is now available in the Client Area of our website. This update includes the first release of new forms issued to accommodate the new Family Procedure Rules 2010.

New version of our Family Case Management Software released

In total there are 14 forms that have been made available now out of a total of 52 forms issued by HMCS. Unfortunately it has not been possible for us to make all 52 forms available at once due to the forms only being provided to us by HMCS on Monday 28th March. The DPS team are working hard to prepare the remainder of the forms for release and these will be made available shortly as part of the latest release of our family case management software. Further information will be published on the DPS website.

Proposed schedule of release:

Stage 1 – Children Act forms (Stage 1 is released)
Stage 2 – Children Act forms. (To be issued next week)
Stage 3 – Divorce Proceedings forms (D8, D8A etc etc) (3rd -4th week of April)
Stage 4 – Ancillary Relief forms – (4th week of April –towards First week of May)


Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 5th Apr 2011

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