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Glazer Delmar Solicitors embrace our managed IT solution

glazer-delmar-logo-case-management-softwareSouth London law firm Glazer Delmar Solicitors have invested in a DPSCloud full-service hosted solution as the foundation of their future IT strategy. The decision is the end result of the Dulwich-based firm’s process to identify a solution which could meet their various IT needs, both infrastructure and software, and also allow the delegation of responsibilities associated with IT management away from the firm’s legal staff.

The importance of selecting the right solution, and a sustainable one, was not lost on the Glazer Delmar management team. The firm have enjoyed a period of expansion and have built a loyal and growing client base while gaining recognition as a leading firm. Effective IT was identified as essential to delivering the service levels needed to maintain this momentum.

The DPSCloud managed IT solution, provided from the DPS head office data centre, offers legal firms a comprehensive approach to IT management which delivers hosted server infrastructure, legal software and essential third-party software within a single solution. When this comprehensive solution from a single provider was presented to Glazer Delmar the simplicity and the benefits were apparent to them immediately.

Not only did the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach ensure the solution met their requirements with regards to cost efficiencies and delegation of responsibilities, it also offered operational benefits such as remote working, scalability and the increasingly important business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities. Demonstrations of the practice management software products provided as part of the solution further impressed the firm’s management team.

As part of the DPSCloud solution Glazer Delmar will adopt our Outlook Office case management software across the practice with workflows for conveyancing, personal injury, family, wills and probate work. They will also move to an integrated DPS legal accounting software from their current Civica implementation as well as using DPS TeamTalk digital dictation software.

Managed IT for law firms

Senior Partner, Michael Glazer, expands upon the firm’s decision: “We take pride in being a progressive firm and this is what has helped us achieve the success we have in a legal market which is becoming more and more challenging. It is also why we understand the need to adapt to future demands on our business. Beyond any doubt we see the use of cutting edge technology as key to our service delivery but now more than ever we need our staff to focus on the lifeblood of the firm, their legal work, and achieve new levels of efficiency.”

If they are to do this they need to rely on the IT solutions in place but not be responsible for the management of them, this would be a distraction and to the detriment of our business. The comprehensive nature of the DPSCloud managed IT solution means we can provide the tools our lawyers and staff need wherever they are with no worries; DPS effectively take the strain.”

DPS Managing Director Osman Ismail comments: “We welcome Glazer Delmar as clients and one of the rapidly growing number of firms who are recognising the convenience and efficiency gains offered by our secure and fully-managed hosted solutions. At a time when firms are facing unprecedented changes to the legal services market our service allows them the business focus required to adapt and thrive in this new environment.”

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 11th Dec 2013

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