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How to Buy – Managed IT

DPSCloud- managed ITRecently, as part of an in-depth study into the procurement of managed IT solutions conducted by Bill Kirby of Professional Choice Consultancy, DPS were approached to contribute our views on the subject garnered from over a decade of providing these solutions to law firms.

Here’s an excerpt of Bill’s presentation, a passage focused on the benefits of entrusting your IT to an external technology provider.

Top Reasons – Why managed IT

Optimise BC/DR/Risk

  • Needed for compliance e.g Lexcel and for panel participation and dealing with commercial clients – it’s common sense.
  • Remember backup is not business continuity or disaster recovery because of potential issues around recovery.

Data security

  • Physically data is much more secure in a data centre as there is no casual access to servers
  • Data centres have massive investments in anti virus and anti spam systems

One-stop shop

  • The right hosting supplier can provide a one-stop shop for support. Their help desks interfacing with, for example, software suppliers and managing the SLAs

Staffing challenges

  • To provide internal IT resource with all the necessary skills to support the modern IT environment so essential to today’s law firms is not easy – numbers, skills compounded by leavers and sickness.

Reduce management time

  • Removes a major worry for partners


  • It is simple to add resources and as simple to reduce the needs
  • Costs are per user per month with no surprises
  • SaaS pricing
  • No capital is required
  • Pricing per user per month
  • Includes upgrades with Microsoft versions as and when the firm is ready

You can find the complete guide on ‘How To Buy – Hosted IT’ here…


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