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Land Registry Direct services to cease

The Land Registry has announced plans to close Land Registry Direct services from January 2010. By April 2010, the only way to continue to access Land Registry Direct services will be through Business e-services in the new Land Registry portal.

The new portal allows solicitors to access Land Registry services using XML over the internet. Future releases will enable additional services to be accessed via the gateway. DPS Software have been critical in the development of the Business Gateway scheme.

This new system will greatly improve the conveyancing process by enabling data to be submitted directly from DPS Convey, thus eliminating the need to enter data into two separate systems.

Submission data will be checked prior to acceptance by the Land Registry and errors will be returned for immediate correction, ensuring that only data in the correct format is accepted for processing. Studies by the Land Registry show that between 15 and 20 minutes per transaction could be saved by using the gateway over other submission methods.

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Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 3rd Nov 2009

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