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Latest news from the LAA

legal aid agency-logoDPS Software sit on the LAA Software Vendors’ working group and are party to the latest information on legal services reforms. Scott Ridley, Technical Director at DPS recently attended the LAA Software Vendors’ meeting at which the following changes were proposed:

1. At the end of 2009 the LAA announced plans to provide an on-screen financial statement which  users of our legal accounting software will be able to use for validation. This system of Electronic Management Information (EMI), has been delayed until March at the earliest

2. Phase 2 of the Delivery Transformation of Civil Billing is on schedule. From April 2010, the LAA will be introducing a secure link to the LAA database, where solicitors will be able to determine whether they are eligible to perform certified work. This facility will also enable Solicitors to undertake 75% of means testing and 25% of merits testing online instantly, speeding up processing and data input

3. The LAA have announced that the e-forms site will be live for solicitors in April

4. The Ministry Of Justice rate changes have been scheduled to go ahead on the 5th April rather than the proposed date of the 1st April. This will be confirmed within the next 2 weeks

5. The fixed fee scheme to be introduced into Prison Law will be implemented in July, together with some police station scheme ID and rate changes. The fixed fee for Prison Law will be loosely based on the Magistrates Court scheme

6. The LAA have announced possible expansion to the Virtual Courts

7. No Best Value Tendering plans have been proposed since the pilots cancellation was announced at the end of 2009

To see you the DPS system has been developed in line with the new process contact us today.

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 29th Jan 2010

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