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DPSCloud – Taking Data Security Seriously

DPS Cloud_logoThe last five years has seen the popularity of our DPSCloud managed IT solutions increasing exponentially with more than one hundred UK law firms now hosted from our head office data centre. One fact that cannot be ignored though is that with almost every new client that comes on board the major element of their due diligence process relates to the security of their data.

DPS are under no illusions about the level of importance assigned to data security by the modern law firm. The regulatory environment these firms operate in and the critical nature of their data to their business dictates this must be the case. With seemingly every day bringing news of another organisation under scrutiny from the Information Commissioner’s Office this issue has been brought into even sharper focus in the minds of law firm managers.

Managed IT for law firms

The fact is though that managed IT offers so many huge benefits to law firms at a cost and operational level that the issue of data security should never be something that stands in the way of a firm accessing these. Finding the right supplier, one who can prove they can provide a secure environment for your data, is absolutely essential and at DPS we’re proud of the fact that we can offer just that.

Don’t just take our word for it though, have a read of our security fact-sheet and find out exactly why we can make this claim…

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 14th Jun 2013

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