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Mellor & Jackson – A new dawn on a new cloud

Mellor Jackson Solicitors-Managed IT- DPS

Cloud services seem to be viewed by many as a relatively new phenomenon, especially within the legal sector, but DPS Software is already dealing with many ‘second-generation’ cloud users. Having identified managed IT as their preferred technology direction when the idea was in its relative infancy – at least in the legal sector – these firms are now looking to make the next step in their use of cloud services. Of course, a major element for these firms in enabling themselves to take this next step is finding the right strategic partner to move forward with.

This scenario is the exact story at Oldham-based multi-discipline law firm Mellor & Jackson. They, having already used a cloud-based legal software package with another supplier, found themselves in 2012 looking for a cloud service provider with an offering tailored to the specific requirements of the modern legal firm.

Mellor & Jackson can trace their history in Oldham back to the 1920’s and in this time the firm have established themselves as a reputable provider of legal services in the surrounding region. Headed up by Directors Afzal Khan and Tanvir Qureshi, and with a head count of 22, the firm have ambitious plans for growth in the coming years and this made identifying the system best suited to supporting this growth of paramount importance:

The management at the firm understand the critical nature of IT systems to the efficient working of our business” says Director and Head of Immigration Tanvir Qureshi. “Going into the selection process already sold on the merits of managed IT but having outgrown our previous system we looked at a broad range of available solutions on the market and assessed them thoroughly. We knew that if there is one absolute essential for law firms looking to go hosted it is proper due diligence of the solutions on the table. ”

The end result of this selection process was the decision to implement a full-service dpscloud managed IT solution.

As DPS maintain their own head office data centre, and provide DPSCloud as a virtual desktop service, there were obvious operational and regulatory benefits over the web-based software the firm were previously using. This combined with the DPS practice management software package provided as part of the solution helped seal Mellor & Jackson’s decision:

We saw cloud services as the future of IT deployment in law firms but we could not let our commitment to leverage this kind of platform overshadow another critical factor, namely finding the case managememt software that could best support and improve the way we work” continues Tanvir. “The cloud is all well and good, but the wrong applications on the cloud are still the wrong applications. Thankfully in DPS we found a partner that can supply cutting-edge software as part of a full-service cloud offering.”

As part of the DPSCloud solution Mellor & Jackson will adopt Outlook Office case management modules for Wills & Probate, Conveyancing, Immigration, Personal Injury, Family and Employment work alongside the DPS  legal accounting package.

DPS Managing Director Osman Ismail commented: “Mellor & Jackson are a progressive firm who were already convinced of the benefits of managed IT for law firms when they first approached us. It’s indicative of the strong and comprehensive product offering we have built that firms like this are viewing DPSCloud as the next stage in their own Cloud journey.”

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 18th Jul 2012

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