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New Bundling feature by DPS Software – Now available on your iPad

DPS Software thrives on innovation, dedication, and motivation to ensure they are constantly providing market-leading practice management software. DPS have now made available for the iPad and the Kindle a new bundling feature designed to improve remote working capabilities and support the initiative towards a paperlight office.

DPS Software have introduced the new function to their software that catalogues electronic files and produces a fully indexed court bundle which can then be published to remote devices for use away from the office. With the increasing popularity of devices such as the iPad there is now a high demand for such features and DPS are determined that their clients can take advantage of functionalities that other suppliers simply can not offer.

Good Reader, the iPad App that DPS recommend is used in conjunction with the bundling feature, has full searching and notes facilities to add notations to the bundle documents. Users can edit the documents on their device, saving the time and effort it takes to do this with hard copies.

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With our case management software and with one click of a button you can simply bundle selected documents into PDF format. The PDF is automatically given a title page and a table of content, leaving your bundle organised and ready for viewing.

Tees Solicitors are an established firm based in Bishop Stortford and are one of the first firms to use the bundling feature from DPS. Ian Fretwell is the IT and Programme Director at Tees and gives positive feedback on the bundling feature, “it is a convenient tool for any legal firm to have implemented. It is so simple to use and really does save time. When a member of staff needs to prepare for a meeting, they simply select all the documents needed and let the bundle feature integrate and organise the files for them.”

Managing Director of DPS Software, Osman Ismail concludes, “at DPS we understand and listen to our clients needs and right now features that support remote working such as bundling are highly sought after. Now, the bundling feature can be used to its full potential on devices such as the iPad and it is set to benefit all firms that embrace this new functionality.”

See it in action.

Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 23rd Jun 2011

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