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DPS develops accessible technology

Practice management solutions-DPSSoftware for use at work, study or home can be adapted for use by blind or partially sighted users with the advent of access technology in recent years. Access technology such as speech output and screen magnification has enabled blind or partially sighted people to work independently within society.

DPS Software are committed to producing practice management software solutions that can be used by all. Our case management systems work by a process of document assembly. Standard documents and forms are automatically created using in-built intelligence from information held in the precedent standard library. Paragraphs are selected according to specific rules or users’ responses to system prompts. This functionality means that DPS Case Management software can be easily integrated with screen reading software.

JAWS, the world’s most popular screen reader from Freedom Scientific Inc, has been developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content. It works by reading out aloud what is on the PC screen. The product supports versions of Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Corel Word Perfect, and many more applications. In addition, JAWS can be customised to work with in-house non-standard applications such as DPS OneOffice Case Management.

Sadig Taha, a blind Fee Earner at Levenes Solicitors in Wood Green, North London uses the DPS Personal Injury software in conjunction with JAWS Software. Sadig can open a new claim file by simply entering a clients’ name, claim reference or the date of accident to produce documents to their conclusion.

JAWS reads out the dialog from command boxes in the DPS personal injury software and Sadig responds using a series of keyboard commands and short-cuts. Sadig has worked with JAWS developers to create customised keyboard shortcuts that enable him to access aspects of the PI system such as the Events Diary.


Talking of the integration between DPS  and JAWS, Sadig commented: “The two programs work well together. DPS PI is where everything happens on a case and being able to use this in conjunction with JAWS is vital to my work. Without the marriage of the two solutions I would be less independent and my job would be a lot more difficult.”

Michael Brown, IT Manager at Levenes Solicitors added: “Levenes Solicitors are committed to creating an environment where staff with disabilities are fully enabled to make an undiminished working contribution. Computer software is an area which is overlooked in terms of disabled access and interaction, which often creates a ‘make do’ approach. The synergies of Blazie and DPS have produced a software solution which resolves these issues”.

Blazie is part of the Freedom Scientific group (which produces JAWS). They specialise in making corporate IT systems accessible to visually impaired people. For the most part their work is carried out on behalf of corporate, government and other large organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Their stated goal is to provide solutions to enable visually impaired to function as effectively as their sighted colleagues in their place of work.

Commenting on the Blazie – DPS integration, Tony Bergin of Blazie said: “Sadig and Levenes are typical Blazie clients. In his case we modified JAWS (using its embedded JAWS Script based API) to ensure that it worked effectively with DPS PI. We then assisted Levenes in delivering DPS PI training to Sadig. This combination of bespoke development and tailored training is the key to success for visually impaired users working in a corporate environment.”

Summing up, Sadig commented: “With further support from the Government, accessible technology and an increased understanding from employers, there are more opportunities for blind a partially sighted people stepping out into the world of work. I would urge all young law students who are in a similar position to follow their dreams, knock on all doors and never be afraid to ask for help.”

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Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 19th Mar 2010

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