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Scott Fowler develop their future development path with Pathway Management LLP and DPS Software

Paul Stothard and Judith Dorkins of Pathway Management LLP have a combined 40 years’ management experience in the legal sector. The consultancy specialises in helping law firms articulate and implement their strategy as well as successfully navigate the sometimes complicated path of mergers and acquisitions.


’We are available whenever law firms need additional management resources, often acting as a ‘Shadow partner’in either a non-executive or executive capacity.’’ explains Paul, Partner at Pathways.


’We also help firms complete certain projects that they need our expertise with.’’ This was the case for Scott Fowler Solicitors who contracted the consultancy over a year ago with the purpose of developing a new strategy and setting clear priorities for the business. This collaboration has included an IT overhaul, with Pathways shortlisting legal technology providers and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each of their systems.

After a thorough examination of the solutions available on the market, the Northampton firm selected DPS Software.

’What Scott Fowler Solicitors appreciated the most was the document and case management capabilities of the DPS system, coupled with an integrated digital dictation software. These new solutions represented new, unchartered territory for Scott Fowler –our role being to help them navigate these changes. This is a move beyond Practice Management Software- towards an integrated business management system and we are pleased to have helped Scott Fowler identify their next technology platform.’’

The firm needed a platform for growth and according to Paul, the DPS Conveyancing case management software will enhance the efficiency of all members of staff, but particularly of the Residential Property team.


About Pathway Management LLP

Pathways is a management consultancy solely focused on the legal sector. With a combined 40 year expertise, the firm supports law firms in articulating their strategy and delivering certain projects that they lack expertise in.

Paul Stothard is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience in the legal sector. Paul has spent most of his years as Chief Executive, initially with Townsends (now part of Thrings), then Shoosmiths and latterly, Tees Law. He has also worked as a consultant in the sector with Alan Hodgart/Huron and is an accredited management coach (Henley).

Judith Dorkins has been a Solicitor for over 25 years but has spent more than half that time leading and managing legal teams. Judith designed and delivered the re-engineering of the Consumer legal business at Shoosmiths, a division with turnover of its own in excess of all but the top 60 law firms.

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About Scott Fowler LLP

Scott Fowler was founded in 1968 and has grown significantly over the last few decades. They have offices in Northampton and London (Canary Wharf) and strive to provide the best service to all clients, offering guidance every step of the way. The firm specialises in Commercial and Residential Conveyancing, Employment law, Agricultural etc.

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