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Survey reaveals DPSCloud clients’ views on managed IT

DPSCloud- managed IT for law firmsA recent mini survey conducted by DPS has looked to shed some light on the primary concerns of law firm clients looking at the move to a cloud service and their key motivators for doing so. The survey formed part of research undertaken by DPS ahead of the Legal IT Business Show 2013 where DPS will host ‘game-breaker’ sessions focused on law firms operating in the cloud.

Within the research three key questions were focused on which related to the reasons for moving to the cloud, why firms select a supplier and finally the contractual commitments associated with the move. When it came to the primary reason for going hosted the largest section of respondents (41%) cited the simplicity of implementing essential operational capabilities such as remote working and robust business continuity strategy.

The reason for choosing a Cloud supplier is probably the issue that split respondents most evenly. With 29% of responses, the idea of a supplier who could provide a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ solution enabling a firm to manage the maximum technology requirements through a single relationship proved the marginally most popular answer. This was closely followed by factors such as security credentials and a supplier’s knowledge of and history with the legal market.

Service Level Agreements (and the associated uptime commitments) were the stand-out issue that respondents highlighted as their priority when it came to contractual commitments. With 35% of the poll this result again highlights the importance of reliability and business continuity to law firms considering the cloud. Understandably, contract length with 24% of the vote was also a popular answer.

For more information you can find the full results of our DPSCloud client survey by clicking here.

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Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 13th Feb 2013

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