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“The Best Case Management Software” – Majad from Stuart Miller Solicitors discusses DPS Software

The backbone of any thriving and forward-looking Criminal Law firm is undoubtedly the Case Management Software. On one end of the spectrum we have practitioners relying on Word templates accumulated over the years on a single PC, absent any back-ups or cyber security. On the other end, we have larger firms investing tens of thousands – if not – hundreds of thousands of pounds on state of the art Apps and digital platforms.

Q: So, where is the middle ground? Which is the best Criminal CMS on the market? What is the most cost effective, but at the same time: cutting edge, up-to-date, low maintenance, stress-free, cybercrime secure (as far as possible), backed-up, Legal Aid Agency compatible, user friendly and COMPLETE system for Criminal Law practitioners to use ?

A: DPS Software’s Criminal Case Management Software.

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