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The Law Society issues Practice Note on Cloud Computing

In recent years it has been noted that the Law Society has remained relatively quiet on the subject of cloud computing within law firms and any guidance or potential regulatory issues related to this. Now however the Society has released a practice note on cloud computing to assist firms in their research and procurement of cloud services. You can read the full practice note here.

The last five years have seen our DPSCloud solutions become increasingly popular and we now provide cloud services to more than 120 UK law firms. The many benefits of these solutions including improved organisational capabilities, remote working and scalability have driven this growth in take up but what does this practice note mean for those who have already moved to the cloud and those who are considering it?

Well, reading through the note the emphasis seems to be on the importance of due diligence and making sure you select a supplier who is well established, has knowledge of the legal market and is committed to becoming a long-term provider to and partner of the firms it engages with. When entering into a service agreement with a cloud provider law firms are essentially outsourcing a critical function and the SRA handbook emphasises the importance of ensuring this practice neither adversely affects the service provided to clients or impedes the SRA’s ability to access data held upon request.

A further area of particular focus in the practice note is that of information security. Having worked with law firms for over 30 years DPS understands the importance of information security in an industry where sensitive and confidential data is dealt with on a daily basis. We take the subject extremely seriously and this is demonstrated by initiaitives such as our accreditation to the ISO 27001 information security standard.

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Added By: DPS Software | Date Added: 15th Apr 2014

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