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Osman Ismail, Founder and Managing Director at DPS Software

Osman Ismail

Hello, I’m Osman Ismail and I’ve been working with Case Management and Practice Management for Law Firms for over 30 years. Hopefully in that time I’ve helped make a few of them more efficient. I’m also the  Founder and Managing Director of DPS Software and DPS Cloud.

Over this time I’ve learned that , “technology should be an investment that makes money for the firm investing!”. Obvious, but not always stated!

I think I designed the first Case Management in the UK but let’s face it, all my ideas came from listening to law firms, understanding their needs, sharing managing partners’ problems and paying attention to users.  That’s how you get to know what this industry needs.

Practice Management needs to be simple, effective and most importantly invaluable to the users. That’s the message.  Law has changed immensely over the years, it’s gone from being a practice to a very slick business.

The past years have thrown up many challenges to law firms, both old and new, publicly funded and private. We’ve evolved our Case Management software and changed our business model to meet them.

Most proud of?

The achievement I’m most proud of is the fantastic team we have at the company. They really understand our clients. They live their legal IT needs and are experts in their individual areas.

What is my job?

My job at DPS is steering the company, overall direction, put simply where is our market direction? I need to be in touch with trends in our ever-changing legal sector. That’s how we keep product development ahead of the curve when it comes to law firm requirements.

For my sins I am am a regular speaker at industry events, addressing topics such as cyber security, cloud computing for law firms, and other technology-related matters.

I’ve been a speaker at Legalex, London in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 where I delivered seminars on the benefits of web-based practice management software for law firms. A recording of this seminar is available here. I  also did a talk on Cyber Security at the Securing the Law Firm conference in September 2015 (his slides are available on request), a topic that we regularly address at various events (see the Nottinghamshire Law Society’s seminar, and our lecture from February held at the IBM Client Centre in London).

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