Outlook Office

Outlook Office legal case management software  is a component of Outlook™ 

This versatile law firm software combines case management, digital dictation, task, text messaging & accounts with a full power document assembly engine. This allows emails, letters and documents to be assembled against cases quickly and easily. Everything is then automatically costed and accounted for. Some of the key points are listed below.

Key features

  1. Simplified client, matter creation process including risk analysis and automated Anti-Money Laundering
  2. Full integration to Outlook 
  3. Remote file Access from all devices and browsers (see DPS Spitfire)
  4. Legal Accounts integration (fully SRA compliant)
  5. Practice Management Business Intelligence reports available from your Dashboard

Document management for the modern law firm

How do all the above points help your firm directly day to day? Consider this: all case data is only entered as needed. When it is entered it can be looked up from libraries so there is minimal inaccurate data entry. Now documents, forms, letters and emails can be automatically assembled. These are automatically costed, then automatically get billed. Simple and effective.

So this means DPS legal case management system allows users to maintain a completely electronic file which includes every document on the case. This can be scanned letters, emails sent and received, Excel spreadsheets or any other documents. Of course this means Cases can then contain hundreds and thousands of legal documents. The DPS Full Text search allows fast searching through the body of every document to find those that have one of more certain phases in them. These are then highlighted for the user.

Electronic case files

Once the user has all these documents on the case file they can use the Electronic Document Bundling to create fully compliant court bundle software.  Literally a fully indexed and tabbed bundle can be created and profiled to a case. If the bundle needs to have documents added or taken away then it is a matter of a single click.

Then the Digital dictation component allows users to simply click and dictate letters, emails or instructions for transcription. You can read more about this here –  Learn more about Team Talk, our digital dictation software or DPS iTime for mobile dictation.

So now you have powerful document assembly,  great document management including bundling, and excellent digital dictation, automated and manual time recording and Financial Director (FD) accounts all in one place.  So users can get direct access to the ledger card, cheque requests and billing requests, the case file and digital dictation with a single click.


‘A Very Holistic Law Firm Case Management Solution’

Taking all the above components and putting them together gives you a very holistic legal technology solution. This combination of elegant components is what makes the system so powerful, that is why it is such an invaluable practice tool, leading the way in law firm case management software.

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