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Hosting through dpscloud

Managed IT for law firms

As the largest legal cloud services supplier in the UK, we provide hosting solutions specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of the modern legal business.

dpscloud is focused on what the users want. As requirements vary among law firms, our clients have the option to select the services and products they need. They can thus choose:

the type of specialist software that they require. With over 30 years experience on the legal software market, we provide reliable software solutions from practice management to online case tracking systems.

the type of support they need. Besides support for your software and the servers that we host your data on, you can also choose- or opt out of- hardware support. If on-site support is not a necessity and you would prefer maintaining your own hardware (i.e. your local PCs), then we will not impose this option on you.

to still own a server. While hosted IT is meant to relieve you from the complications of maintaining your own servers, you can continue to host certain applications locally. Banking software, for example, is an application that users tend to host in-house.

The dpscloud hosting solution puts you in control. We can limit our service to only hosting your data and providing you the legal software solutions you require.


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Managed IT for law firms- DPS- McGuinness Legal

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