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Legal Case Management Software – DPS Outlook Office


A powerful legal case management system that can operate entirely within Outlook™ as a fully integrated component.

Email as an environment is becoming increasingly popular and even the most Luddite of fee earners are inevitably in Outlook. The Outlook Office legal case management software attaches incoming and outgoing emails against cases with no need for user intervention. It will even identify incoming emails in the fee earners inbox as being on file or not.

This versatile system combines case management, digital dictation, task, web and text messaging with a full power document assembly engine that allows emails, letters and documents to be assembled against cases quickly and easily.

Key features

New client, matter creation process including compliance & risk analysis and Automatic Anti-Money Laundering

Full integration to Outlook and synchronisation of tasks & appointments on all devices, including smartphones

Access to files remotely, from all devices and browsers with the ability to record time, create attendance notes, send and receive emails and check management reports (see DPS Web Office)

Legal Accounts integration (fully SRA compliant)

Practice Management Business Intelligence reports available from your Dashboard

Document management for the modern law firm

Full Text search (advanced document search and retrieval)

Scanned Document management and distribution

Electronic Document Bundling and Secure Delivery

‘Smart’ letters, documents and forms are merged with information from the appropriate case file whilst automatically choosing appropriate paragraphs and text depending on case circumstances.

Our legal case management system allows users to maintain a completely electronic file which can include faxes, scanned letters, emails sent and received, Excel spreadsheets or any other documents.

Legal Case management software provided as part of a holistic Practice Management Solution

Our Outlook Office legal case management software allows live attendance notes to be recorded and saved against files along with the time recording. Through our TAPI integration, phone numbers are dialled by a simple point and click.


Digital dictation is built into our legal case management system meaning that the user can simply click against a case file, dictate, and track all the work stages as they are being done. Emails, letters and documents can all be sent with dictation attached to them for transcription by a secretary. Learn more about Team Talk, our digital dictation software or DPS iTime for mobile dictation.

With an integrated accounts system, Outlook Office also shows the ledger card, cheque requests and billing requests on the accounts right inside a simple to view Outlook pane. Offering links to ELITE™, TFB™, CIVICA™ and PILGRIM™ and our own FINANCIAL DIRECTOR accounting software, the user has a rich choice of accounts system.


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Hepburn Delaney use the DPS Case Management Software

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For the modern solicitors, our new cloud-based case management software, Spitfire provides a secure mobile working platform that allows them to access their case files from any location, 24/7.

The DPS web-based case management software enables fee earners to complete their work without the need to step into the office while practice managers can track performance and view individuals’ KPIs from a mobile device.

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