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ABS Case Management Software

ABS Case Management Software

ABS Case Management Software

Law firms have adopted the ABS structure and needed ABS Case Management Software since the structure became available. Local Governments and firms have shown great interest in  using our case management software. Those that have adopted it have registered a staggering growth in profitability over the past 12 months. We have had the opportunity to witness this the main area’s these new businesses are looking for are:

  1. Flexibility so workflows can be built and changed easily
  2. Brilliantly simple bundling function to create quality court compliant bundles
  3. Fast access to an electronic file
  4. Easy task & team management
  5. Paperless office structure
  6. Accounts and case in one integrated screen
  7. Fully integrated to Outlook for email
  8. Management reporting that is fully automated

flexibility is critical for the ABS Case Management Software model

Our standard workflows include include Conveyancing, Crime, Matrimonial, Personal Injury, Wills & Probate and general matter management. All complemented by our fully- integrated legal accounting package and digital dictation solution (Financial Director & TeamTalk) which give maximum operational efficiency. We can then add in mobile working and Smartphone and Tablet access to data  all in one integrated system. This is all then fully supplemented by our business information management reports.

All of this put together gives our clients a complete solution that will grow with them. A solution that will change and flex with their business needs. Case management and the ‘legal business’ is changing all the time this means that unless their software can change with them they will be left wanting. This all gives our clients the competitive edge they needed to succeed!

At DPS Software we are proud of our three decade history working with the legal industry, helping hundreds of legal businesses grow and increase their profits through the use of cutting-edge IT corresponding to their particular requirements.

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