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Criminal Case Management Software

The DPS Crime LAA Billing system operates according to the very latest criminal Publicly Funded & Franchising criteria. Our crime case management software is designed for the Criminal Practitioner who wants to be free from the time-consuming aspects of the criminal franchise procedure, yet needs the control provided by it.

It is a unique and powerful system which can literally save hours of valuable fee-earning and billing administration time.

Key features include:


Our case management software is designed to be completely flexible although precedents covering a firm’s typical requirements are provided. Like all DPS systems it is designed to be customised by trained users to match the individual requirements and workings


Automatic Case Costing and Tracking

Users are automatically prompted for their time when entering attendance notes or doing any work on the case at all

Time Recording

Time can be entered by manual input on the screen into online attendance notes or can be recorded in real time as work is being done. This time is automatically fed to the DPS Financial Director accounts package for work in progress (WIP) reports.

E-mail Integration

Each email in or out is recorded and charged appropriately to each file. When emails are sent from Outlook they can automatically be attached to the case file and incoming emails about cases are automatically filed away to the case by the DPS system.

Case History

Automated Case Progression

Powerful CDS Billing Module including automated CDS6 preparation & submission

Legal Accounts Integration


Ease of access to information– information can be displayed in an instant for any matter and is available for billing purposes.

Fast automated document production which means better Fee Earner Secretarial Ratio. Firms using our Crime case management software typically reduce their secretary/fee earner ratios from 1:3 to 1:6 or better.

One central database for all clients, matters, and contacts to avoid data duplication.

A quicker billing process– the integration between our Crime case management system and legal accounting package means that no additional keying in of data and manual posting of the bills is required.

Find out more about all of these features and the huge benefits our criminal law case management software by requesting a no-obligation demonstration.

See how legal businesses like yours benefit from using our crime case management software. Read their case studies.

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