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Probate Case Management Software

The primary focus of the system is to produce estate accounts, schedules of assets and IHT forms quickly and with minimal fuss.

DPS Probate has been developed for the practitioner who needs to be free of the time-consuming and highly repetitive aspects of the probate procedure. Of course the elements expected of a DPS application such as quick and efficient production of letters and documents, diarisation of tasks and monitoring work completed, are all part and parcel of the system. The required forms are completed automatically and the accounts are passed into MS Excel™ for further editing if required.

Key features include:

Document Assembly and Management
Our probate software is provided with a set of standard precedents, such as documents, forms and letters, which are automatically assembled with all matter details fully completed. The supplied precedents include all letters to utility, life assurance companies, banks, building societies and stock brokers, funeral directors, accountants, executors or trustees, local authorities, employers and any other party involved.

IHT forms, Schedules of Assets, Liabilities & Gifts
DPS Probate produces all the required estate accounts for a case directly in MS Excel™, from data that has been entered into the system. This translates into complete schedules of Assets, Liabilities and Gifts. The same information is then transferred into the requisite IHT forms which are automatically completed.


Although, DPS comes complete with a standard precedent library, the system is extremely flexible. Adding or omitting standard clauses, sentences and precedents, is easy, as is adding bespoke paragraphs or sentences to a document for an individual matter. This allows you to keep complete control and adapt the system as and when necessary, to suit your requirements.

Quality Management Standards
The high level of procedural control offered by our probate software is ideal for assisting in meeting the quality management standards required by leading specialist panels such as ISO 9002.

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