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Will Drafting Software

DPS Wills is designed to reproduce the will preparation process step-by-step, by relieving the practitioner from the time consuming aspects of wills production

Document Assembly & Database

The letters and documents produced by the system are not standard. Our will writing software will look at a case and decide which clauses and paragraphs to use and so automatically build a document tailored to a specific situation.

Case details are taken from the databases meaning that only specific case details such as place of marriage, name of children are entered. Other details such as courts, police station, clients, hospitals, are all obtained from contact databases and never have to be re-entered.


Document Management

The whole file is kept electronically. As the will drafting software knows about every letter it produces, it also tracks all incoming and out-going emails and, if the firm choose to scan incoming documentation, it will also record all incoming post and DX documents.

Furthermore, the system allows incoming letters to be automatically dragged and linked to any case file within the DPS system using the Windows drag & drop facility. Faxes and e-mails can also be linked to files in the same way.

E-mail Integration

All the Outlook Office/One Office products fully integrate to Microsoft® Outlook allowing instant communication with contacts on the file, including courts and police stations. This means that, when looking at a matter’s history, you can see emails in and out on the file.

When emails are sent from Outlook they can automatically be attached to the case file and incoming emails about cases are automatically filed away to the case by the system.

Tasks on cases can be viewed from Outlook directly despite the fact that the DPS Wills may not be running on the computer at that time.

Time Recording

A full time recording facility is incorporated within the system. Time can be recorded in two ways: either the time can be manually input on the screen, or an electronic ‘stopwatch’ can be switched on and off as necessary to avoid missed and inaccurate time recordings.


will drafting software, case management software

Accounts Integration

Our will writing system integrates seamlessly with DPS Financial Director to give you a complete practice management system for the firm. Fee Earners can look at ledger cards, make electronic cheque requests, record case details and enter their expenses all from within the electronic matter.

Financial Director is a module within the DPS One Office family and can be added to your system at any stage. Full data conversions are available from most legal accounting solutions. The connectivity of the products is beyond integration in that both products use the same SQL databases and are modules of the mainframe database.

This integration can save significant time for all departments and even using basic functions, such as deadline warnings to Fee Earners, show that it is a unique and powerful system which can literally save hours of valuable fee earning time and facilitates accurate and efficient billing.

If you would like further information on this product, or would like to arrange a demonstration, please contact DPS Sales on 020 8804 1022 or alternatively, e-mail us.

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