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Cloud based Practice Management Software

Spitfire, is cloud based case management software available through your web browser. Spitfire can be used from your P.C, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Spitfire integrates with our Solicitors Practice Management Software and our Local Authority Legal Software.

This web based case management software gives you an online portal combining your email, calendar, tasks, case management and practice performance reports in a single space. The practice management  functions are similar to those in our desktop software without the limitations of being tethered to the desktop. 

Spitfire graphically monitors your key performance indicators. These show how an individual or department or branch is doing against target over any period of time.

The standard monitors are matters opened, closed, time recorded, billed and profit costs received. These are all shown against target for the current month, year to date and compared to the previous year.

The sheer convenience of monitoring anyone’s performance from anywhere for peer review is fantastically powerful. It gives you to the tools to manage a business and know immediately who has what key tasks and when they are due. It also shows who has done what and when they did it. Everything is fully audited.


Work does not stop outside the Office door! Spitfire is complemented by iTime for mobile devices

Spitfire’s App, iTime, allows you to take all your cases with you, wherever you go, Emails, matters, billing request, time recording, or Dictation all from your smartphone or tablet.

Security in the cloud

Highly accessible, Spitfire web based case management is also highly secure. Two factor authentications ensures that users cannot login by simply entering a username and password. Following a top security model similar to the one used in banks. Spitfire is web based case management software you can rely on.

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