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Cloud Based Practice Management Software

Spitfire- web-based practice management softwareSpitfire, our cloud-based legal practice management software has been designed for the solicitor who wants to work on his/her files remotely.
This is an application specifically designed for mobile devices, which gives you access to key functionalities of our practice management software.

Our online legal practice management software, Spitfire allows users to:

–  see their file history remotely, wherever they are, as long as they can connect to the Internet

–  see all their emails, including those attached to a DPS file (which can also be accessed within this system)

– generate emails from their tasks

Record time remotely, wherever you are

Time and expenses recorded remotely by the user, through DPS iTime– our time recording app, will be transferred to Spitfire and matched against the corresponding client or matter.

Manage your team’s efficiency from anywhere, online

Our software offers actionable statistics on team and individual performance

Spitfire, our web-based practice management software allows partners and practice managers to view stats by:

– department

– fee earner

– matters opened

– matters closed

– cash received

and compare them with their targets.

Remote working made possible

Our cloud-based case management software  allows you to take all your cases with you, wherever you go. So you can pick up all incoming emails, see all your matters, raise a billing request or record time, on the go, from court, home or abroad, straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Cloud-based practice management software

Legal accounts

Our online legal practice management software allows users to monitor the financial value of the work they complete and raise billing requests from wherever they are, whenever they need to do so.

Security in the cloud

While highly accessible, Spitfire’s web office is also highly secure. Two factor authentications ensures that users cannot login by simply entering a username and password. Following a top security model similar to the one used in banks, the system will generate an unique number that the fee earner will have to input each time he/she logs in, at first login or periodically, as per his/her requirements. 

To express your interest in our online case and practice management software, please contact us.

DPS Online legal software

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