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DPS iTime– Legal Time Recording App for Lawyers

Remote time recording for law firms

Similar to most time recording applications iTime allow you to record time directly against your case . It also allows you to monitor your personal performance against targets, dictate against the case and generally stay on top of your work.

In addition to recording time you can also record expenses, view stats and reports and dictate straight to case files.

This Legal Time Recording App can be downloaded from the iTunes Store or Google Play, installed on your smartphone and accessed whenever and wherever needed, at the touch of a button.

DPS iTime on smartphone (3)

The app is now available on the iTunes Store.     Click here to download.

It works perfectly offline and synchronises whenever there is an Internet connection available. Once connected to the Internet, DPS iTime sends all the recorded time and expenses to the integrated DPS Spitfire, our web-based practice management system.

Biometric security

The login process involves the use of a unique identifier- the user’s thumbprint. It simply cannot be easier. It can harness the security level of your iPhone or other mobile device

The beauty of iTime is that it mixes the time recording and dictation meaning you have the ability to work on the move and never forget the time that should be recorded for that work.

Who is it for

Suitable for any legal business and any area of law iTime saves you money as it means there is no need to buy any hardware for dictation other than a phone. The additional benefit is that many fee earner’s and lawyers are more comfortable using their phone to dictate.

Once a dictation is done they can automatically time record it, The WIP on the file is immediately incremented and anyone else working on the case can immediately see. Full visibility!


Time recording app for solicitors

Time recording app for lawyers

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Brahams Dutt Badrick French use our legal time recording app.


Paul McAleavey- BDBF Solicitors quote about DPS iTime

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