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DPS SafeChat – secure client communications app

Online legal software SafeChat from DPS for secure client lawyer communication will keep you connected to your clients and work providers.

How does it work? Simple really, when a milestone is reached or a task needs to be completed your client is automatically alerted. When a fee earner needs to send a secure message to a client or a letter for approval or signing, it is sent by DPS SafeChat. A copy kept on file and a copy delivered to the client’s app.

“Simplifies & secures the flow of information between fee earner and client”

SafeChat is an integral part of  mylegalspace, our client portal solution. This gives case tracking on the web or mobile devices.  It is also completely connected to DPS Outlook Office and FD our practice management system, eliminating the need for data duplication. In summary the solution is a  secure client communications and case tracking portal!

Online legal software

More secure than an email account

The security model means that any message or document sent through DPS SafeChat is impossible to intercept by a third party. Unlike email, DPS SafeChat is secure. It is an exclusive one-to-one communication channel between the sender and receiver. Messages exchanged cannot be copied or forwarded on to an unintended recipient.

The benefits for your business

  • Secure, immediate, client communications for the ultimate client experience.
  • Own it. DPS SafeChat is branded to reflect your corporate identity and be perceived as your firm’s secure communication app.
  • No barriers. Clients don’t have to login to a portal to receive messages or view documents.
  • Make messages impossible to miss. Notify clients about the progress of matters and get their input in real time.

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