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Integrated Online Quoting

DPS Software- Online Case TrackingThis module – which can be provided as part of our Practice Management Solution– is designed to offer your clients a quick and professional quotation or instructions for your firm’s services.

Printed Quotes – Property Transactions

By entering a minimal amount of data, your client or work provider is able to obtain a quotation for your services, which can be printed out with your firm’s logo and contact details. This is an effective solution for you to provide to work providers (for example), as it gives them a direct link to your services and prices, so that they can promote your services to their clients.

Automatic File Inception

Both systems, the property quoting and claim capture can send an online instruction via email to the firm which can be used in two ways. Firstly, the data can be copied and pasted into a new file in your case management system, which speeds up the opening process as no typing is required. Secondly, if the firm is using the DPS File Inception module, the data sent from DPS Online capture can be used to automatically incept a new case file, again speeding up the opening process.

If you would like further information on this module, or would like to arrange a NO-OBLIGATION demonstration of this or other DPS applications please contact us today. 

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