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Legal Billing Software


DPS legal billing software works from the time record. The fee earner records time, this is automatically added to the correct claim form, the claim form automatically posts bills to the accounts, the receipts module then automatically receipts the bills.

So in effect time is automatically fed to the DPS Financial Director accounts package for Work In Progress (WIP) and billing.

When a user email’s or creates a letter or attendance note on the system they are automatically prompted for their time. Nothing is missed resulting in minimal cost leakage. Time can also be entered manually onto the screen via attendance notes or recorded in real time as work is being done.


Similar to most time recording applications iTime allow you to record time directly against your case . It also allows you to monitor your personal performance against targets, dictate against the case and generally stay on top of your work.

In addition to recording time you can also record expenses, view stats and reports and dictate straight to case files.

This Legal Time Recording App can be downloaded from the iTunes Store or Google Play, installed on your smartphone and accessed whenever and wherever needed, at the touch of a button.

It works perfectly offline and synchronises whenever there is an Internet connection available. Once connected to the Internet, DPS iTime sends all the recorded time and expenses to the integrated DPS Spitfire, our web-based practice management system and legal billing software.

Financial Director Legal Accounts Software

FD is a completely integrated part of our overall practice solutions. Fully connected to our case management software and legal billing software there are versions for the larger and smaller practice.

Automated Reporting

Financial Director (FD) is fully equipped with all the standard reports your practice will need. These reports cover areas that affect the practice as a whole such as Key Performance Indicators, as well as specific areas of work such as LAA criminal contract billing.  The reports are automated and can be run silently and delivered by email.

Open Period Accounting

Financial Director can allow up to 24 periods to be open at any one time, covering the whole of the current and previous financial years. In normal use the current, last and next periods are kept open allowing posting into the current, next and last month.

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Electronic statements can be downloaded by the user’s bank and set to be automatically reconciled with the computer records. Our legal accounting software can then ‘compare’ the electronic statements and tick items that are reconciled.

User Defined Interest Calculator, Client or Office Account

The interest calculator calculates client account interest in accordance with the SRA rules, on any number of client accounts.

Other features include  automated chart of Accounts & Management Reporting, Cheque Printing & Remittance Advice,  automatic Online Bill Submission for CDS Billing, Flexible Ledger Card, Fee earner desktop inside MS Outlook, Flexible and automated time recording, User-Defined Security


DPS Software have been producing legal billing software for 30 years.


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