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Legal Practice Management

DPS Practice Management Software Solution

All the legal practice management software solutions you need to succeed

DPS Legal practice management software offers you all you need  to work more efficiently. What’s more you can easily track work and achieve unprecedented growth.

The system is ‘one’ system as opposed to integrated components. It was designed as one system with one database. We combine Case Management,  Integrated Legal Accounting Software and Digital dictation. We provide automated Lexcel Reports and screens per fee earner showing their live caseload  with “last worked on” and “case review dates” per case.

Our system has the following  modules:

  1. Matter Management
  2. Digital Dictation
  3. Client Portal Solution  a web-based portal for client/third-party collaboration and case tracking including SMS & Twitter Alerts
  4. DPS iTime– our new time recording app
  5. DPS SafeChat–  our new secure one-to-one communications app

Available on Android and iTunes

Used by more than 700 legal businesses across the country, our practice management system can be tailored around your firm’s particular needs. You can pick and choose the products you need.

Beth King - Marsons Solicitors use the DPS Practice Management Software

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Key functionalities 

Compliance with Solicitors’ Accounts Rules, Paperless working, automated and manual Time recording, Automatic, online anti-money laundering checks and Business Intelligence reports

DPS Practice management software-reports

Our software is accessible via a web browser or desktop PC and fully connects accounts to the fee earners using case management.This is not linked, it is designed as one system. This boosts your staff’s productivity and firm’s profitability.




DPS produces full graphical practice management reports including:

  • Fee earner targets and fees receivable and rendered
  • Practice average costs per case
  • Business source profiling and analysis
  • Practice Management Business Intelligence (real-time) reports
  • KPI reports (individual and team members) accessed from DPS iTime, our app, allowing on-the-go performance monitoring.

This high level of tracking allows Partners and Practice Managers to easily manage individual productivity  time with full risk management at every step.

Tim Eagle-Josiah Hincks Solicitors use the DPS Practice Management Software

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Ahead in the cloud

The DPS online legal practice management system allows fee earners to work on the go, whenever they need to, provided that there is an Internet connection in place. They can produce attendance notes, time record, access their files, preview PDF documents, see all their emails (including those attached to a DPS file) and view stats by fee earner or department remotely, from any mobile device.

Learn more – download our white papers or request a no-obligation demonstration.

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