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mylegalspace_logo (white background)Our innovative online case tracking solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with the DPS case management systems and allow firms to provide the highest levels of client service through an advanced web-based system.

Once the latest information has been updated in your case management system, it is automatically updated and published in mylegalspace and is available over the Internet.

mylegalspace can be accessed by all the interested parties from a web page and provides users with a platform for document transmission, task completion and real time updates for matters. How much each party can view of the progressed details made on a matter  is strictly controlled by the solicitor through a secure internet link.

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The system allows you to share information in real time, so for example, as soon as a date has been agreed or a letter has been sent out, the information will show in mylegalspace.

By using this system you will be able to:

  • Work from anywhere you are at any point in time
  • Access documents straight from your web browser, on your laptop and smartphone in a secure environment
  • Collaborate with clients and other fee earners
  • Save time and money. As the latest information can now be viewed online in mylegalspace, solicitors will benefit enormously by the reduction in the often time-consuming aspects of answering questions. Consequently, they will be able to concentrate on the profit-generating areas of the law firm.

At the same time, clients will be able to get their answers quickly and easily from the Internet without even talking to their solicitor. The system thus minimises waiting time and increases customer satisfaction.

If you would like further information about mylegalspace, please download our product brochure.  

Alternatively, download our complimentary white paper.

Learn how Equilaw are using our case tracking solution

Learn how Equilaw are using our case tracking solution

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