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MyLegalSpace(MLS) is the client portal solution for law firms from DPS Software, complemented by mobile app, DPS SafeChat.

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  • Share documents and case updates with your client securely and instantly
  • Get clients to update information in the DPS Spitfire CMS
  • Send notifications directly to your clients' mobile phone

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With MLS, you are able to send and receive documents to and from your clients securely and instantaneously.

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You can share your document from the file history in the DPS Spitfire Case Management System in just a couple of clicks. You can even electronically sign the document before you send it over. This saves you the time and money spent on using the post to send letters to your client.

You can also share case updates with your client, letting them know as their case approaches completion.

Your clients can access their case either from the web or on their Apple or Android device with DPS SafeChat. They can still see documents and updates, complete any forms that you send to them and contact you all at their convenience. You'll have happier clients and happier support staff as everything gets done quicker with less hassle.

How our legal client portal works

How our legal client portal works

You control everything. Who sees what. Who does what. That is all down to you and nobody will be able to access anything through the portal that you don’t want them to.

So first off, you set up the MyLegalSpace account for the client/financial adviser/other third party and they will receive login details to their email.

In DPS Spitfire you can then select a document, you can sign it digitally within Spitfire, then choose to share it via MyLegalSpace or SafeChat. SafeChat is the mobile app version of MyLegalSpace, which sits on the client’s phone or tablet and removes the need for them to log in each time they access the case files and allows them to chat with a solicitor as they would on WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps.

Whether accessing the document through MyLegalSpace or SafeChat, the client will be able to open the document on their mobile phone/tablet, sign it digitally, using our integration with Adobe Sign® or Docusign® and you both then instantly receive a copy of the signed form.

When you complete a task in Spitfire, the same process occurs. You have the option to share this update via MyLegalSpace. You can also send case updates as a text message using our integration with Text Anywhere. This removes the uncertainty for your client about the progress of the case, meaning that you’ll receive fewer phone calls asking for progress updates.

You can then get more work done, with happier clients. Win-Win!

How the MLS Client portal can speed up processes and delight your clients

Good Customer Outcomes

Keep your clients informed and up to date

Send your client case progress updates with the click of a button, which they can access from their mobile phone or tablet.

Third Party Collaboration

Collaborate with third parties

Give clients, financial advisers and the other side the ability to upload and sign documents in your CMS.

Securely share documents

Send documents instantly and securely

Send documents instantly, see when they have been opened and get them signed digitally

Reduce time spent on phone calls

Save time on phone calls

Your client will have all the information they need on their phone, so less need for update calls.

White Labeled so you can apply your marketing

Your brand on show

Your logo and colours can all be used to ensure your client associates the great service they receive with your firm.

Law Firm Software - Client Portal

Client Engagement

Get your clients to complete forms and update their information online, with your data in DPS Spitfire being updated.

Client Self-Service

With the MLS client portal, you can send your clients forms to be completed. Your client can complete this form entirely on their mobile phone, tablet or computer. They can even save their progress for later, with the document stored in the client portal.

When they are finished, they can click on submit and the form will then save to the file history with all of their information saved to the file on DPS, saving you the hassle of having to then enter that information into the data entry screens.

It's easy for you, it's easy for the client and everything gets done quicker and more accurately. It's client self-service done properly.


  • Easily collaborate online with clients and third parties
  • Keep clients happy with regular online updates that save you time
  • Save money on paper and postage by sharing documents digitally
  • Apply your own law firm’s branding

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