DPS Mobile: Legal Case Management App

DPS Mobile is the legal case management app, allowing you to manage your cases on the go from your Apple or Android device.

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  • Manage cases from your mobile device
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  • Dictate on your mobile phone, with the recording going straight to the secretary for transcription.

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In DPS Mobile, you get access to all of your cases, where you can preview any of the documents and emails stored in the file history.

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From there you can send the documents on to clients via email or through our client portal, MyLegalSpace.

Financial information relating to your cases is readily available within the app also.

You can also use DPS Mobile as a time recording app. You can record both private and crime time within DPS mobile, ensuring it is in the correct format for the Legal Aid Authority if necessary. You're also able to record your expenses in DPS Mobile, with all of your time and expenses records stored in the file history and sent to accounts as an e-chit.

But you can also use DPS Mobile as a Digital Dictation app, using your phone's mic to dictate a letter or any other document you need. You can then send this on to your secretary for transcription and record your time automatically.

On top of all this, you can also monitor yours and your team's KPIs to see who is performing to the best of their ability.

Legal Case Management App to manage your cases on the go

DPS Mobile allows you to manage your cases from wherever you are on any device.

As a case management app, you can access all of your cases in one location, where you can immediately record time or dictate against the case.

But you can also access the file history, seeing all documents and being able to send them on via email or the MyLegalSpace client portal. These messages will then be automatically recorded in the file history and time recorded.

But you can also see the full financial picture for the case, having access to the full ledger card for the file.

Given the right permissions, you will also be able to see how productive you and your team have been, with KPI reports on time recorded, matters opened and a number of other financial reports to keep your cases running smoothly and efficiently.

Easy Time Recording App

Time recording for your cases is made simple with DPS. Whether you are in or out of the office, you will be able to quickly and easily record time and monitor time recorded from any of your devices.

As well as being an all-round legal case management app, DPS Mobile also doubles as a legal time recording app. This ensures that you capture all billable hours, with nothing missed.

With just a few taps, you can record time and have it saved to the case file. If you are doing legal aid work, you can record your time in the appropriate format, be it criminal or civil work.

But you can also record expenses as well as time for any work done for any work type.

All of this time recorded and expenses can then be reported on with our graphical, easy to understand reports. You can find these in both DPS Spitfire and DPS Mobile.

You can record your time on a case using DPS Spitfire from your computer, tablet or mobile phone, using our floating timer or timesheet to ensure you don’t miss any billable hours.

Digital Dictation App

DPS Mobile can also be used as a digital dictation app when integrated with our digital dictation software, DPS TeamTalk.

This means there is no need for expensive mics as your fee earners can dictate to a case file directly from their mobile phone. Using the phone’s own voice recognition technology, DPS Mobile transcribes the message making the dictation process easier for both your fee earners and secretaries.

However, if you do have a Phillips Speech Mike, you can use TeamTalk to dictate directly to the case file in DPS Spitfire and send this over to the secretary to transcribe.

How DPS Mobile will make your legal team more efficient

Law Firm Software - Time Recording App - Legal Case Management App

Record Time Everywhere

Record time to the case file from your mobile device, whether online or offline.

Digital Dictation App - Legal Case Management App

Dictate Anywhere

Use your phone’s voice recognition to dictate notes and letters to the case file.

Legal Case Management App

Record Expenses on The Go

Record expenses while you are travelling to save time in the office.

Bank Grade Security

Using the same security technology used by your mobile banking apps, DPS Mobile is accessible through the user’s fingerprint. This ensures that no unwanted third party has access to your legal documents.


  • Manage your cases on the go
  • Use as a time recording app to record time quickly and easily from your mobile device.
  • Never miss any billable hours.
  • Access easily digestible reports on all time and expenses recorded.
  • Use as a digital dictation app to dictate to the case from your mobile device

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