Legal Case Management Software

How DPS Spitfire Case Management Software can help your organisation be more efficient with legal documents and processes

Sign and Share Documents Digitally

Sign and Share

Sign documents and share them with your clients and other third parties all on your computer, without even having to contemplate using a printer or scanner.

Task Management

Task Management

Workflows automatically create tasks for you, so you can be sure that all work is completed in a timely fashion and nothing is missed.

Automatic Form Completion

Automatic Form Completion

Hundreds of form templates are available, and all can be completed by just the touch of a button, automatically filing out the form using data you have already entered.

Customisable Workflows

Customisable Workflows

Tasks are completed quicker so your clients are happier. If the workflow doesn’t quite fit your business, you can make changes.

Email Integration

Email Integration

Manage your email within DPS Spitfire. Save time as relevant emails are automatically recorded to the case file.

Time Recording Software

Easy Time Recording

Automatically record time on any tasks you complete on a case, saving you the hassle of doing it manually.


  • Manage your cases and matters more efficiently
  • Manage and record incoming and outgoing emails automatically
  • Automated, amendable workflows ensure matters progress quickly
  • Documents are automatically completed for you
  • Greatly improve your efficiency and productivity


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DPS Spitfire’s Case Management Software frees your firm’s employees to do more work in less time. Our customisable workflows, template forms and sign and share functionality mean that printing and mailing legal documents is reduced to a minimum as everything can be done electronically, saving you time and money.

But that’s not all, you can also manage your email inbox and calendar right from within your CMS. Spitfire is a completely integrated case management system meaning that all incoming and outgoing emails are automatically recorded against the appropriate file, removing the need to manually add them to the file. When an email comes in, you can go straight to the matter with a single click, saving you the time of having to search for it and allowing you to focus on the case at hand.

What does our CMS do?

DPS Spitfire allows your law firm's fee earners and admin staff to complete all of their work online, wherever they are from within one system. This allows for greater collaborative work as staff working in different locations can easily access the same up to date file and work on the same case simultaneously.

Our workflows help you to get work done on time. Forms can be completed automatically with information already entered into the DPS Spitfire Case Management System.

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