Family Law Case Management Software

How our Family Law Case Management Software can make your legal team more efficient

Automatic Form Completion


Admin becomes easy with most features completed automatically.

Customisable Workflows


A full bank of workflows are available, designed for all manner of family cases.



Billing is fully automated, saving days of admin time, with forms automatically submitted to the LAA.



Emails, legal accounts and your digital dictation are all integrated with your case management.


  • The DPS Spitfire Family Law Case Management Software will improve your efficiency
  • The system comes with workflows and templates built for all family law matters
  • Forms are automatically completed for you
  • Billing is fully automated and submitted to the LAA

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Designed for all family law procedures, including marriage or partnership, our family case management software makes your work easy to manage however complex the case is. The Civil Billing module caters to all Legal Help and certificated work making your billing a quick, efficient and painless process.

The procedures and workflow of our matrimonial case management software cover documents for

  • Firms acting for the respondent or the petitioner
  • Unmarried couples
  • Injunctions
  • Financial settlements,
  • Cases with and without children involved

The relevant procedures are displayed depending on the type of case and its stage at that time. This means that only relevant information is shown, which simplifies the display to the user.

Automated Civil Billing

The fixed fee family billing module from DPS Spitfire automatically completes and submits all the necessary claims for fixed fee LAA family work for public and private funded matters in Legal Help.

Our matrimonial case management software offers the significant benefit to your firm of being able to automate your civil billing process and remove the complexity surrounding the production of the Claim 1A bill in particular. This covers most types of certified publicly funded civil work including Domestic Abuse, Family Advocacy and Care Proceedings plus other types of in-scope civil work.

Automated Case Progression

Where appropriate, if a letter or email is sent in our family law case management software that needs a reply within a certain period of time then the user can specify that the letter or email is to be ‘chased’. This means that if no reply is received the system will automatically send chasing emails to the relevant party when the time period expires.

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