Personal Injury Legal Case Management Software

How DPS Spitfire Personal Injury Case Management Software can help you handle more claims

Claims Portal Integration

Claims Portal Integration

Electronically exchange all relevant claim information and related documentation with the MoJ

Document Assembly

Document Assembly

Documents can be generated with the correct paragraphs in place with minimal input

Automatic Form Completion

Automatic Form Completion

Forms are completed automatically with information you have already entered into the system


  • The DPS Spitfire Personal Injury Case Management Software will make you more productive
  • The system comes with workflows and templates to help you handle more claims
  • Forms are automatically completed for you
  • Our integration with the MoJ Claims Portal makes exchanging documents easy

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Our Personal Injury Case Management system enables lawyers and paralegals to improve the overall productivity of their firm. It helps you increase the number of claims a fee earner can handle efficiently.  It has full portal integration and reduces the time taken to process a personal injury claim to its conclusion.

Our personal injury software also reduces the number of support staff required on a single case and enables them to become fee earning paralegals. In addition, customer satisfaction increases as clients are kept updated and queries are answered quickly and accurately.

Claims Portal Integration

Our Personal Injury Case Management System works in conjunction with the new electronic portal which supports the processes now agreed in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice to enable faster agreement on liability and payment of low cost RTA injury claims (between £1,000 – £25,000). The portal will enable electronic exchange of all relevant claim information and related documentation.

Document Assembly

Our Personal Injury software requires information to be input on the matter only once, eliminating repetitive routine typing and manually searching for information.

Electronic Forms Completion

The DPS system allows documents and forms to be printed automatically on plain paper with all case details completed. This removes the need for pre-printed stationery. When you combine this with our client portal, you remove the need for paper all together.

When documents and forms are prepared in this way, the cost involved with printer management and high storage space requirements are removed.

Key Features

Ministry of Justice Compliance & PI Portal

E-mail Integration, Post Room and Case History

All documents produced by the Personal Injury Case Management System are automatically costed, time recorded, tracked and document managed. The workflow process automatically creates and completes tasks, ensuring efficient task management.

Fee Earner Tasks

From one screen, the fee earner can, directly from the system:

  • view the whole file history;
  • compose emails, write letters or make phone calls;
  • reschedule tasks to another day for another fee earner;
  • complete tasks.

Supervisor users can view tasks for other users and take actions on behalf of them or assign tasks to other users.

Claim Notification Form (CNF)

Time Recording System

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